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Where to use the VERDICT system

Target specific relationships or measure across the business



Customer perception and loyalty are at the heart of any successful business. VERDICT offers flexibility in terms of both cost and scope - from an off-the-shelf package to assess and track your overall performance, to a fully bespoke system to embed within your organisation. Whether you use Net Promoter Score (NPS), Customer Effort or simply Customer Satisfaction as your headline metric, VERDICT can help put these scores in to context, as well as giving you the insight you need to drive improvement and outdistance your competitors.



Sporting bodies, facility providers, sports clubs and associations can benefit from stakeholder feedback -  through VERDICT participants and members can provide the critical input required to effectively develop and deliver policy, services and experience.



Use VERDICT to help assess on-the-ground effectiveness of voluntary or third sector programmes and initiatives: delivery, engagement, value and return.



Measure the strength of your B2B relationships. Whether you are in finance, manufacturing, fleet services, or retail, VERDICT can help you assess, reinforce and develop your partnerships, whether in account management, negotiation or finance, VERDICT offers a systematic, evidence-based tool to develop longer-term, more profitable B2B connections.



Understand and enrich the internal climate of your business. Your employees are arguably your most important asset and understanding their perception of your company, their engagement and ultimate loyalty can be critical in keeping your strategies and objectives on track. Use VERDICT to assess in-role satisfaction, identify effective teamworking, line management perception (both up- and downstream), as well as attitudinal perception of the company, its products and services.



VERDICT supports your teams in delivering outstanding events and experiences. Event experience is becoming ever more challenging, with delegates, visitors and fans developing into discerning “experience consumers”; differentiation, quality, innovation and consistent delivery are key  components to continued success. Use delegate- and/or fan-generated insight to optimise and expand your offer – exhibitions, sporting events, conferences, corporate entertainment, trade shows, in-house, or charity events.



VERDICT is also for organisations delivering training programmes, whether internally, or as an external service. Follow-up with students and delegates to learn more about the courses you provide and how they are received by your audience. Use insight to help maintain, develop and evolve your programmes.

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